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Handforth Town
Handforth Town

Welcome to the website of the
Handforth Town Council

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Handforth is a fast-growing community connecting Cheshire to Greater Manchester, with a major retail centre and luxury car outlets, and easy access to Manchester Airport.

The aim of this website is to provide you with information about how the Council operates, detailing decisions it has made in the past and what it hopes to achieve in the future. 

The Council was formed in May 2011 and consists of seven councillors representing three wards.  Meetings are held in public and time is always set aside for public participation on agenda items.

In addition the Council holds committee meetings dealing with specific areas, Finance, Employment and Planning & Environment.  As the work load in these areas varies throughout the year, meetings are held as and when required, with planning meetings being the ones held most frequently.  

The timings, agendas and minutes for all meetings are displayed further down on this page together with all the principal activities of the council and details of its members.


Have Your Say On Town Centre Plans

Cheshire East Council have drawn up some aspirational plans for Handforth Town Centre. They have asked residents to comment on the survey using the link below. If anyone wishes to obtain a hard copy of the survey, these will be available from Handforth Library, or by contacting the Town Council. Please follow this link to the Handforth Town Centre Vitality Plan online survey:

Calling all Volunteers

At their recent meeting the council decided to set up two working groups; one to discuss Environmental matters in Handforth and one to review our recent website survey and come up with some further ideas for the HTC website, if you are interested in either of these please contact Cllr Sue Moore on


The Report of the Chairman, Councillor John Smith, to the Annual Parish Meeting on 3rd May 2022

Chairman's Annual Report


The Cheshire East Council
Open Data and Transparency
Investigation Reports

At its meeting of 10 March 2022, The Audit & Governance Committee resolved that the Council should publish copies

of the independent investigation reports into alleged councillor misconduct at Handforth Parish Council.

A total of 6 investigation reports were produced:

Report 1 - Clerk v BB  BT  Clerk v AB 30 May 2021 - for publication (PDF, 10MB)

Report 2 - CS JS SM v AB BB BT 30 May 2021 for publication (PDF, 5.3MB)

Report 3 - AB BB BT v CS JS SM 30 May 2021 for publication (PDF, 1.7MB)

Report 4 - Multiple Complaints against Cllr Tolver 27 May 2021 - for publication (PDF, 4.4MB)

Report 5 - Multiple Complaints against Cllr Brewerton 27 May 2021 for publication (PDF, 3.1MB)

Report 6 - Multiple Complaints against Cllr Burkhill 27 May 2021 for publication (PDF, 4.7MB)


Handforth Parish Council becomes Handforth Town Council - Why?

Handforth Town Council Chairman's Statement

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