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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes 2023

Please view individual agendas for details of meeting start time.

Meetings of the Council are now streamed live on YouTube for those people who do not wish to participate in the Open Forum.


17th January
Planning Committee - Agenda - Minutes
Finance Committee - Agenda - Minutes
Full Council - Agenda - Minutes


14th February
Planning Committee - Agenda -
Full Council - Agenda -


7th March
Annual Town Meeting - Agenda -


14th March
Planning Committee - Agenda -
Full Council - Agenda -


18th April - Planning Committee
18th April - Finance Committee
18th April - Full Council

16th May - Planning Committee
16th May - Annual Parish Council Meeting
16th May - Full Council

13th June - Planning Committee
13th June - Full Council

18th July - Employment Committee (TBC)
18th July - Planning Committee
18th July - Finance Committee
18th July - Full Council

12th September - Planning Committee
12th September - Full Council

10th October - Planning Committee
10th October - Finance Committee
10th October - Full Council

14th November - Planning Committee
14th November - Full Council

12th December - Planning Committee
12th December - Full Council

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