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Handforth Town Council represents the residents of Handforth and is the most local level of government.

The work of Handforth Town Council falls into three areas:

Representing the community
Commenting on planning applications
Delivering services at a local level

eg. Christmas lighting, floral displays, litter picking, grounds maintenance, organising activities for young people and the elderly whilst striving to improve life for the residents of Handforth as a whole.

The Town Council works in partnership with Cheshire East Council but is independent of it and whilst the Cheshire East Council is reducing the number of non-statutory services that it provides this results in an increased workload to Town and Town councils who are being asked to take on more services.

Town councillors are usually either elected or co-opted and normally serve for a period of four years.  They meet on a regular basis to discuss the immediate work of the council and plans for the future, the meetings are open to the public.

Handforth Town Council is funded by the ‘Precept’, a local tax collected on the council’s behalf by Cheshire East Council from your council tax. Details can be found on our Accounts page or at the Cheshire East Website. There are strict rules about how Town councils spend money and the accounts are audited on an annual basis.   The results of the audit and the activities of the council are available, on this website, for inspection by residents. More information about the operation of Handforth Town Council can be obtained on pages of this website or from the Town Clerk.


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